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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Putting Your Best Foot Forward is a job search skills training program for transition-age youth with low vision. It includes about 40 hours of content and covers topics such as preparing for an interview, disability disclosure, resume development, online job searches, and improving self-presentation. The program is designed to be implemented by two trainers with 10-15 youth. To become a Putting Your Best Foot Forward trainer and gain full access to the program materials, you must complete a free, two-day trainer workshop.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

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For people who are blind or have low vision, finding and maintaining employment can be a major challenge. Research from the NRTC provides guidance on how service providers can help people with blindness or low vision find and maintain employment, including strategies to use when meeting with potential employers and insight into what employers think about hiring people with blindness or low vision.

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Helping young people who are blind or have low vision successfully transition to independence and adulthood is an important task for service providers. NRTC research has uncovered factors that make it more likely that youth with blindness and low vision will be ready to successfully pursue careers or college, such as early work experience and academic achievement.

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Lack of access to reliable transportation is a barrier that keeps many people who are blind or have low vision from finding and maintaining employment. Research from the NRTC has contributed to resources to help people with blindness or low vision secure transportation to and from work. These resources include article summaries, a comprehensive guide to finding transportation, and a customizable transportation plan.

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Training Activities

We conduct a wide variety of training activities centered around our mission of improving employment and independent living outcomes for people who are blind or have low vision.

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Spotlight on Successful Employment

Geerat J. Vermeij

Life as a research professor has led Geerat all over the world, and his vision loss has not slowed him down. He navigates using a white cane and brings along sighted research assistants during his field visits to places as diverse as Guam, New Zealand, and Panama.

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