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Experiencing Vision Loss?

Are you or someone you know experiencing vision loss? Discover some steps you can take to address this change.

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Finding a Job

For people who are blind or have low vision, finding and maintaining employment can be a major challenge. Findings from our research offer practical tips to help you on your employment journey.

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Services for Persons with Blindness or Low Vision

If you are experiencing a change in your vision, there are services available to help you keep or find a job, adjust to vision loss, learn to use new communication systems or assistive technologies, and learn to get around safely inside and outside your home. 

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Transition for Youth

Youth who are blind or have low vision face a tough job market and must overcome numerous barriers as they prepare to transition smoothly from high school to  college or career.

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Transportation can be a big barrier to employment for people who are blind or have low vision. Finding reliable transportation to and from work is an important piece of the employment puzzle.

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Participate in Our Research

The NRTC has launched an online participant registry and we invite all who are interested to visit and sign up. This registry will help us with recruitment for current and future research, and will be used to inform individuals about projects at the NRTC that may be of specific interest. Individuals who complete the registry will be asked to submit demographic information that researchers at the NRTC can use to determine eligibility for particular projects.

Participant Registry