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The NRTC on Blindness and Low Vision is committed to enhancing employment outcomes for people with vision loss. Whether navigating the vocational rehabilitation process, beginning to consider careers, or seeking to gain or maintain employment, our webinars and podcasts are designed to help individuals with blindness or low vision along their employment journeys. We aim to provide stimulating podcasts and interactive and informative webinars that include knowledgeable guests.

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Latest Webinar

Title: Leveraging Your Disability to Find a Job: How to Make Your Blindness or Low Vision a Strength When Job Searching

Individuals who are blind or have low vision often face many barriers related to employment. In recent years, several organizations that provide services to job seekers and employers have formed that not only work to address barriers to employment but also provide an employment advantage for blind and low-vision individuals. 

Hear from Jonathan Lucus with NSITE, Ross Barchacky with inclusively, and Kristin Smedley, author of Thriving Blind: Stories Real People Succeeding Without Sight. Jonathan and Ross share information about their organizations’ services and Kristin talks about emphasizing strengths, such as problem-solving skills and adaptability, that you gained from living with a visual impairment. Learn how to leverage your disability and market yourself to potential employers to obtain employment. 


Leveraging Your Disability to Find a Job Resource Sheet

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Latest Podcast Episode

Episode 8: 

Welcome back to another episode of Employment Insights with the NRTC. We are excited to bring you another episode where we sit down with an individual that is blind or has low vision and talk about their employment journey. In this episode, we are joined by host Sylvia Stinson-Perez and our guest, Jinnerfer. Join us to listen to more about Jinnerfer's career that led her to become a massage therapist.

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