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The NRTC on Blindness and Low Vision is committed to enhancing employment outcomes for people with vision loss. Whether navigating the vocational rehabilitation process, beginning to consider careers, or seeking to gain or maintain employment, our webinars and podcasts are designed to help individuals with blindness or low vision along their employment journeys. We aim to provide stimulating podcasts and interactive and informative webinars that include knowledgeable guests.

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Latest Podcast Episode

Episode 8: 

Welcome back to another episode of Employment Insights with the NRTC. We are excited to bring you another episode where we sit down with an individual that is blind or has low vision and talk about their employment journey. In this episode, we are joined by host Sylvia Stinson-Perez and our guest, Jinnerfer. Join us to listen to more about Jinnerfer's career that led her to become a massage therapist.

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Latest Webinar

Title: Linking Up with LinkedIn to Increase Employment Opportunities

With 830 million subscribers, LinkedIn has been a valuable tool for building one’s professional network and increasing employment options. This tool can be especially helpful for people with vision loss who can benefit from additional chances to showcase their strengths and skills. In this webinar, the NRTC partnered with NSITE to discuss how people with vision loss can increase employment opportunities by linking up with LinkedIn.


Linking Up with LinkedIn Resource Sheet

Setting up a LinkedIn Profile - Video

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