Career Advantage for V.I.P.s (Visually Impaired Persons)

Are you blind or have low vision? Are you making the transition from high school, college, or another training program into the workforce? Or are you an adult seeking to find or change employment? If so, this self-guided program was designed for you!

Career Advantage for V.I.P.s is made up of instructional modules you can explore at your own pace:

  • Modules 1-4 guide you step by step through the processes of self-assessment, career exploration, development of effective job search techniques, and decision-making about resume design and development.
  • Modules 5-7 contain information about job accommodations, talking to employers about vision loss, and the job interview process.
  • Module 8 offers information, suggestions, and activities to help you move beyond learning new skills to applying them as an effective job-seeker.

Career Advantage for V.I.P.s was developed by researchers at Mississippi State University through a grant from the Department of Education: NIDRR grant number H133A070001-09. For access to the Career Advantage for V.I.P.s program, please visit this page to register.