Rachel Christian

Rachel Christian began slowly losing her vision as a teenager and was officially diagnosed with cone dystrophy — a degenerative retinal disease — when she was 22 years old. 

Rachel’s resilience and adaptability have been crucial to her success. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in journalism, she began her career as a small-town newspaper reporter. Rachel covered everything from local government and human-interest stories to profiles on community businesses. 

Headshot of Rachel Christian.

She then transitioned into content marketing, gaining skills in SEO and content strategy while growing her knowledge about personal finance and investing. Her diverse experience led her to a senior writer role at The Penny Hoarder, where she wrote about all things money before joining Bankrate in August 2023.

Her work at Bankrate.com is a testament to her unique approach. Here, she merges journalism with a passion for personal finance to educate and empower readers. She excels in simplifying complex investment strategies, navigating retirement accounts, and empowering financial beginners.

Rachel uses assistive technology to navigate both her professional responsibilities and daily life. She uses Fusion (a combination of JAWS and ZoomText) to access her computer, an electronic video magnifier to read print materials, and VoiceOver on her iPhone. Her shift to remote work during the pandemic allowed Rachel to tailor her workspace, saving time and increasing productivity.

One of Rachel's career highlights came from an article she wrote as a reporter for the Osceola News-Gazette. It uncovered environmental issues in her community, sparking public engagement and leading to protests and national news coverage. This is a powerful testament to the impact of her work.

Outside of work, Rachel enjoys music, concerts, and dance. But her true passion lies in empowering others with vision loss. She’s starting a new venture — a career mentoring and financial coaching company for people with vision impairments. The purpose of the business is to support and guide others to overcome challenges in the workplace and achieve their financial goals.

For young individuals facing vision loss, Rachel offers this advice: Seek knowledge relentlessly, surround yourself with mentors, and foster relationships with resources like state agencies for people with blindness and low vision.

Her story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of financial literacy to transform lives. In Rachel Christian, we find not just a journalist and financial expert but a beacon of inspiration, breaking barriers, and empowering others to achieve financial freedom.