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  • Alphabetical Index of Braille Signs
    A chart of signs in Literary Braille, in graphic format.
  • Braille Authority of North America
    The mission of the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) is to assure literacy for tactile readers through the standardization of braille and/or tactile graphics. BANA's purpose is to promote and to facilitate the uses, teaching and production of braille. It publishes rules, interprets and renders opinions pertaining to braille in all existing and future codes.
  • Braille Bug Today
    List of resources for parents, teachers of students who are blind.
  • Braille Letters
    This site contains links to braille and low vision resources.
  • Braille Slates
    As a primary tool of literacy, the slate and stylus is a blind person's pencil with similar advantages--extremely portable, low in cost, does not require batteries or electricity, and no moving parts that can easily break. This site contains a collection consisting of 243 individual slates, representing 200 unique items from 25 countries.
  • Braille Works
    Braille Works seeks to advance independence and promote inclusive opportunities for the visually impaired and learning disabled through our products and services.
  • Dancing Dots
    Accessible music technology for blind and low vision performers for reading, writing and recording music in braille, print and audio formats.
  • Dr. Raman's Home Page
    Information on AsTer System for verbalizing mathematical notation from a computer.
  • Lutheran Braille Workers
  • Second Sense

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