Randolph-Sheppard Staff Training

The National Online Training Curriculum for Randolph-Sheppard (R-S) Business Enterprise Program (BEP) Staff is designed to help orient new BEP staff members to the Randolph-Sheppard Program, although anyone, including blind entrepreneurs and vocational rehabilitation staff, are welcome to use the curriculum. The curriculum is composed of 14 individual modules, each covering an important aspect of the R-S program. After completing each module, there is a quiz that will test the student’s mastery of the subject. The student must pass the quiz with a score of 80% in order to generate and print a certificate verifying successful completion of the module. Students are allowed to retake the quiz until that score is reached. An overall certificate of completion may be requested when a student successfully completes and passes all 14 module quizzes. There is no fee associated with taking and completing individual modules or the entire curriculum. No continuing education credits are offered for modules in this section. Contact Angela Shelton at ashelton@colled.msstate.edu or 662-325-1494 for more information on this curriculum.