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Employment Insights Podcast

Employment Insights: Helping you Navigate Rehabilitation and Transition to Careers

The NRTC on Blindness and Low Vision is committed to enhancing employment outcomes for people with vision loss. Whether navigating the vocational rehabilitation process, beginning to consider careers, or seeking to gain or maintain employment, our webinars and podcasts are designed to help individuals with blindness or low vision along their employment journeys. We aim to provide stimulating podcasts and interactive and informative webinars that include knowledgeable guests.

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Latest Podcast Episode

Episode 8: Navigating Massage Therapy Work with Blindness (Jinnerfer)

Welcome back to another episode of Employment Insights with the NRTC. We are excited to bring you another episode where we sit down with an individual that is blind or has low vision and talk about their employment journey. In this episode, we are joined by host Sylvia Stinson-Perez and our guest, Jinnerfer. Join us to listen to more about Jinnerfer's career that led her to become a massage therapist.

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Employment Insights Podcasts

Episode 1: 150 Resumes Later: Entering Employment with Blindness and Low Vision (Joe)

For people who are blind or have low vision, finding and maintaining employment is often a challenge. On this episode, we are joined by guest Joe Roan, who talks with our host, Sylvia Stinson-Perez, about his employment journey. Joe shares the challenges he faced in his first years of employment and tips he learned as he grew in his career.

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Episode 2: Experiences with Disclosing Blindness or Low Vision at Work (Stephen)

In this episode of Employment Insights, we are joined by guest, Stephen Podley, and our host, Sylvia Stinson-Perez. Stephen shares his employment failures and how that directed him towards a successful career.

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Episode 3: Gaining Success as a Notetaker and Assistive Technology Specialist with Braille (Judy)

In this episode, Judy Matthews joins us to talk about how her work experience and the skills she has learned led her to the career she has today.  

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Episode 4: Using Self-Improvement and Problem-Solving Skills for Success in the Workplace (Quan)

In this episode, we hear from business development manager and mentor, Quan Leysath. Quan not only shares insight into his employment journey, but he also shares how mentoring and developing strong blindness skills have helped towards his success in the workplace. 

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Episode 5: Any Job is Better Than No Job: Using an Interim Job and Mentorship to Find Full-Time Employment (Jessica) 

Jessica Loomer joins our host, Sylvia Stinson-Perez, to talk about her employment journey. Jessica shares her journey of starting over in her career, tips on how she discloses her vision impairment, and how mentors have helped her along the way. 

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Episode 6: Finding Accommodations for Retinitis Pigmentosa as a Social Worker (Pat)

In this episode, our guest, Pat, joins us to talk about her eye condition that developed later in her career, her challenges, and her advice for others in a similar situation. 

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Episode 7: Using Adaptability to Succeed as a Spanish Translator (Lucy)

Thank you for joining us for another episode of Employment Insights with the NRTC. On this episode, we are joined by our host, Sylvia Stinson-Perez, and today's guest, Lucy. Lucy shares about how she used her knowledge of speaking a second language and turning it into her career. 

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