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The NRTC has several resources available to help you find a job. See our NRTC Employment Resources page for resources including

Jobs in the Blindness and Low Vision Field

If you are interested in a job in the blindness and low vision field, review Colleges and Universities, which provides a list of colleges and universities offering courses in education and rehabilitation of people who are visually impaired, deaf-blind, and multi-handicapped.

Information Related to Employment

To view other research results related to employment, visit our Article Summaries page. That webpage hosts downloadable PDFs that include easy to understand descriptions of research publications that focus on practical takeaways.

College Graduates with Visual Impairments: Seeking and Finding Employment

Article Summary Image Research Takeaway: The employment landscape for college graduates with blindness or visual impairments (BVI) is full of difficulties, as they face challenges unique to individuals with BVI. Matching young people with BVI with mentors who also have BVI and who can provide career coaching and advice may help improve employment outcomes for this youth population.

Employment Outcomes and Job Quality of Vocational Rehabilitation Consumers with Deaf-Blindness

Article Summary Image

Research Takeaway: Some people with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) also experience visual impairment (VI). We wanted to know how many consumers with both TBI and VI are served by vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies, how agencies provide services to these consumers, and how likely consumers are to find employment.