Meet Rose Miller

Rose at her work station

Rose Miller has worked as a mediator for the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO) in the Public Inquiry and Assistance Center for 13 years. She has a BA in Sociology and a Certificate in Mediation from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Rose lost the vision in one eye in 1986 and in the other eye in 1987 due to optic neuritis. She is legally blind and cannot read print. She received independent living skills training from the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, MA, and from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind Vocational Rehabilitation Services program, to prepare for employment. Rose has worked at the AGO for 17 years, initially as a receptionist until the position of mediator opened. Rose uses JAWS, a speech output program for her computer, and uses various adapted technology. Four days a week, Rose works on the consumer hotline where she answers questions, provides information, offers appropriate referrals, and can direct consumers to fill out an on-line complaint form. One day a week, Rose serves as the Duty Officer assisting with walk-ins who may have questions about filing a complaint against a business. The Duty Officer also locates language interpreters for consumers who require a translator. Complaints that come into the office may be assigned to Rose for possible mediation. Rose works from her desk conducting mediations over the phone. The mediator is a neutral third-party and helps the consumer and the business try to resolve the problem through facilitated dialogue. However, it is up to the consumer and the other party to reach an agreement. If the mediation is not successful, a consumer’s recourse is small claims court. The Attorney General’s Office looks for trends or patterns of unfair or deceptive business practices and may take legal action on behalf of all consumers. Rose is also a part of the Attorney General’s Office’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Rose values her position because it provides free voluntary assistance to people who do not know how to address their consumer issues. Outside of work, Rose is very involved in her community and holds offices in several organizations.